Pony Tack Saddle Pad Specialist In Hand and Ridden Show Tack Pony Schooling Equipment

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Pony Tack Saddle Pad Specialist In Hand and Ridden Show Tack Pony Schooling Equipment

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Pony Tack Saddle Pad Specialist In Hand and Ridden Show Tack Pony Schooling Equipment

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Pony Tack Saddle Pad Specialist In Hand and Ridden Show Tack Pony Schooling Equipment

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Shetland Showing Tack

Showing Tack, All Suede Saddle Pads and Bespoke Leather Work
for Shetland Ponies and Other Mountain & Moorland Breeds.

Showing Tack Specialist Pony Shetland Moorland Shows

All Suede Saddle Pad

When I designed the Saddle Pad for my niece's Shetland pony I never envisaged it would become the most popular saddle pad worn by Shetland ponies worldwide. Due to increased interest from owners of other breeds and types of pony I have introduced additional sizes this year along with our new Numnahs and Ride-On Saddle Covers.

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Showing Tack Specialist Pony Shetland Moorland Shows

Showing Tack

Bespoke Ridden and In Hand Bridles, Reins, Martingales, Grass Reins, Show Slips and Leads.  Leather and Chain Couplings, Pony Chains, Safety Stirrups, Stirrup Leathers and Girths. Though I specialise in items for Shetland ponies and small ponies, I offer a bespoke service for any height pony.

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Equine Pony Tack Specialist selling Tack and Show Equipment

Breaking and Schooling

Breaking & schooling equipment for smaller ponies is often difficult to find 'off the peg' and very expensive. My breaking and schooling tack is well fitting, comfortable, durable, user friendly and requires very little care. Made from sealed Apollo Polypropylene web, the perfect material for small ponies being lightweight, soft and pliable with breathable waffle lining.

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Choosing the Right Tack

The Best Size

Due to individual requirements and questions regarding sizes and colours, I encourage customers to telephone me to discuss their requirements. Even if you are just looking for advice on measuring, please don't hesitate to telephone me on: 07949 125195. Or please send us an enquiry using our form.

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The Best Use

Having the correct tack and equipment can make all the difference in the show ring. Whether your chosen discipline are ridden or in-hand classes, our range of tack and accessories will ensure that you and your pony are ready for show season... 

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The Best Result 

Perfectly fitting tack and equipment will result in a more comfortable and happy pony, who will be more willing to behave and perform in front of the judges. Along with a comfortable and confident rider, making the perfect showing team. We are happy to advise and help you get the right tack for your pony.

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Stand out in the Showring.. 







Read Our Testimonials

Excited about how smart this pair will look at the shows this season ......

Huge thank you to Shetland Showing Tack for Katie and Star’s beautiful new saddle. As you can see it got a big thumbs up from Katie and it looks great too.. we are really excited about how smart this pair will look at the shows this season Sarah Jane Daley   |   April 15, 2018  |  

It's so grippy...

We love our Zoe Snape saddle pad. It's so grippy for my 3 year old. She rode on it from 2, and was very secure. Helen Mylott   |   October 11th, 2018  |   Shropshire

Quality products well worth the outlay...

We have the pad, 2 girths and 2 numnahs, the pad has been used over the years on 3 ponies of various sizes and has given a secure seat for the grandchildren from 2 yrs up. they have now outgrown but the pad is going nowhere it's condition is used but still good to go in the show ring. quality products well worth the outlay. Linda Emmerson   |   June 10th, 2019  |   England

Would definitely purchase more items...

Purchased a saddle pad, girth & numnah & was pleased with the quality of the products plus a speedy service. Would definitely purchase more items. Jo Stewart   |   June 7th, 2019  |   Leighton Buzzard

Great communication and helpul information...

Great communication and helpful information from Zoe when I needed it on the pad, numnah and girth we purchased. Super past delivery too. I will defiantly be back again to purchase any further items we need. The quality most defiantly reflects through the items. I’ve recommended items to a few other people who have also been pleased with their purchase. Michelle Owen-Morgan   |   June 9th, 2019  |   Wales

It doesn't move on a little barrel of a Shetland...

Brilliant pad! We’ve had ours now for 2 years and it’s super. It doesn’t move on a little barrel of a Shetland and is comfortable to ride on. The stirrup leathers that we also bought are great quality. Vicky Singleton-Legg   |   June 9th, 2019  |   Alderholt, Dorset

Fabulous ...

service and products are fabulous Sonia Cowie-Bland   |   June 10th, 2019  |   Suffolk

Best tack for Shetlands...

Best tack for Shetlands around. We upgraded to a Zoe Snape pad last year and my 5’8 daughter is still comfortably riding her standard Shetland in it jumping whp tracks - it never moves. Claire Donald   |   June 9th, 2019  |   Carlisle, Cumbria

The saddle fits perfectly and looks beautiful...

Zoe was really helpful when I needed a saddle pad for our loan Shetland. I'd never had a Shetland or used pads before. She advised where to measure him and sent me all the items I needed. The saddle fits perfectly and looks beautiful. the quality of the saddle, numnah, girth and cover are fantastic and extremely good value for money . Nikkie Morgan   |   June 10th, 2019  |   Lymm, Warrington, Cheshire

Fantastic saddle pads...

Fantastic saddle pads never slip or slide about highly recommended. Jodie Shepherd   |   June 10th, 2019  |   Stafford

My daughter uses hers on our Shetland for racing, dressage, showing and jumping...

We love our Zoe Snape pad and would highly recommend using one for any riding discipline. My daughter uses hers on our Shetland for racing, dressage, showing and jumping. Not only are they really well made and durable, but they look smart too. Zoe is super helpful too with advice on what would suit. Great products! Nikki McNelis   |   June 14th, 2019  |   London

Highest standard...

Highly recommend Zoe Snape her showing pads and leather work are second to none, wouldn't buy anywhere else. You can rest assured everything bought is of the highest standard and nothing less. Jamie Smith   |   June 10th, 2019  |   West Wales

Helped my 4 year old daughter gain confidence...

I bought a saddle pad for my Shetland, and have never looked back! The pad is fantastic, has helped my 4 year old daughter gain in confidence with its outstanding fit, and the service provided was second to none. Would highly recommend. Elizabeth Harrison   |   June 9th, 2019  |   Preston, Lancashire

It's VERY comfortable...

We have recently purchased a saddle pad, girth, stirrup leathers and numnah for our 8 hand Miniature Shetland. We are extremely happy with the fit and quality. Customer service was fab from Zoe and very fast delivery! If you have a flat backed pony or are struggling with a cub saddle moving constantly then I would highly recommend. My 3 year old niece says “its VERY comfy” Jade Luane Collin   |   May 28th, 2018  |   Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire

Fits our 32 inch Shettie perfectly and doesn't slip at all...

Our new saddle is beautiful, it fits our 32 inch Shettie perfectly and doesn't slip at all,my toddler is very comfortable in it and it sits her in a much better position. We also had a girth made which is the same high quality, super soft leather and well made. Caroline Seignot-Griffiths   |   June 15th, 2019  |   Hampshire

Absolutely love it and performs brilliantly in all disciplines ...

Excellent products and customer service. Nothing stays put on our Shetlands quite like the Zoe Snape pad. Absolutely love it and performs brilliantly in all disciplines. Thank you. Sian Gandy   |   June 9th, 2019  |   Warrington, England

The best saddle pads on the market!...

The best saddle pads on the market! We have tried most of them and have stuck with the Zoe Snape pad. Excellent personalized service and a great product at a really reasonable price. Highly recommend. Kate Canton   |   June 13th, 2019  |   Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

Absolutely fantastic...

I have purchased a Zoe Snape pad , complete with girth and numnah for our 42” Gelding , it is absolutely fantastic, used for showing and everyday riding , never slips. Zoe also saved the day by sending out a new numnah at very short notice for us to use at Blair Atholl at NPS championship Aileen Allan   |   June 15th, 2019  |   Kilmarnock

Love ours...

Love ours. Emma Dove   |   June 21st, 2019  |   Wiltshire

Great for all types of flat backed ponies, not just Shetlands...

Had my saddle pad and all the the extras for just over 10 years, still in showing condition. The most comfy saddle to jump, hunt and show in. Great for all types of flat backed ponies, not just Shetlands. Would never buy a different pad from anywhere else ! Rhianon Loader   |   June 22nd, 2019  |   England

The Best...

The best saddle ever! Hannah Whyman-Naveh   |   August 18th 2019  |   Shernbourne Norfolk UK

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